We win when our customers win.

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We win when our customers win.

Our team has unique experience with Shopify. Before Buzzbassador, we started out as merchants ourselves. With this in mind, we base everything we build on the question, "what will most help Shopify merchants succeed?" Answering that question drives everything we do, from building features, to our pricing model, and much more.

We understand, as most Shopify app developers do, that merchant success drives our success. But our drive to make you successful goes far beyond that - it also comes from a deep love for what we do and our passion for aiding in the success of incredible brands in all different industries around the world.

Through every decision we make, every meeting our team has, and every feature we build, your success is at the forefront. That's why we strive every day to ensure that every single Shopify brand who decides to market with influencers or affiliates - regardless of your size or product category - can get value from our platform.

We've been lucky to be the choice ambassador marketing platform for thousands of Shopify brands since our launch, which has led to some awesome success stories. Check out some of our case studies and merchant wins below. We hope you'll be our next success story!

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