Majic Wellness: NFL Player Creating Healing From His Pain Through CBD

February 25, 2021
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If you keep up with pro sports, the name Jordan Norwood may sound familiar to you. That’s because he played eight seasons in the NFL, and even won Super Bowl 50 with the Denver Broncos, where he broke a record for the longest punt return in Super Bowl History. What you may not know, though, is a more painful part of Jordan’s successful NFL career: an ACL injury.

After tearing his ACL in 2014 and undergoing surgery to repair it, Jordan was left with lingering pain. He recalls popping 800mg of Ibuprofen before every practice, and desperately searching for a pain relief alternative. When his chiropractor recommended a topical CBD-based solution, he tried it once and was immediately sold. It completely changed his pain levels, allowing him to perform at the highest level, which led to his record-breaking Super Bowl performance in 2015. This inspired him to create his own natural health and wellness products, and his company MAJIC Wellness was born.

MAJIC Wellness provides hemp-based all-natural wellness products, ranging from topical creams to liquid tinctures, and even bath bombs. Jordan’s mission with MAJIC is to encourage people to take a more holistic approach to healing rather than pharmaceuticals. His wildly popular flagship product, a muscle and joint inflammation cream, was inspired by his experience with that one CBD-based salve that became a staple for him in the NFL. That first MAJIC product was also the source of inspiration for the brand’s name — an acronym for (M)uscle (A)nd (J)oint (I)nflammation (C)ream.

Jordan’s regret that he did not discover hemp-based solutions sooner has fueled the relief and healing of people all over the world. His products are raved about, with “majical” 5-star reviews from customers who suffer from conditions like chronic pain, fibromyalgia, severe anxiety, and insomnia. Individuals from all walks of life — students, athletes, outdoor adventurers, corporate workers, the elderly, and more — are finding healing, all because Jordan chose to turn his own pain into something good.

Our team at Buzzbassador interviewed Jordan about MAJIC Wellness, his startup story, and his experiences as a Black business owner. Read along below for the full interview.

*This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

What inspired you to start MAJIC Wellness?

My inspiration for MAJIC came from my 8-year playing career in the NFL and what I came to find in hemp in my 6th year. I wish I would have learned about it sooner. The first hemp product I used was a topical ‘salve’ that gave me relief from a lingering ACL injury and surgery. For that reason, our flagship product is a muscle and joint inflammation salve, which started out as the acronym (Muscle And Joint Inflammation Cream) for what is now our brand name.

It’s February, Black History Month. Why is this month important to you?

Black history month is important because it gives people some intentionality in recognizing both the history of African Americans in this country and our continuing quest for equality. But, to me, it’s also an opportunity to look at the history of Black and brown people in the world. My origin does not begin with the transcontinental slave trade, though it is a small and integral piece of my ancestral timeline.

In what ways would you like to see the community show up for Black businesses this month (and always)?

There are countless Black-owned businesses across all industries and spaces that provide high-quality and professional goods and services. For that alone, they deserve to be given a try. I encourage people to seek out those companies and support them with your dollars. You may just find out that you’ve been missing out on something.

What are some of the biggest challenges Black and brown communities must overcome to launch their own businesses, and what advice do you have for them?

The biggest hurdle to overcome is the lack of education on entrepreneurship. Starting a business is not difficult once you know how to start a business, but that initial knowledge has to come from somewhere. The advice I have is to exhaust all the (relatively) free resources that are at your disposal. YouTube is a great place to start.

Who is a Black entrepreneur or public figure that you look up to — dead or alive — and why?

Nipsey Hussle was an artist and entrepreneur that always intrigued me. Both his artistic insights via the microphone and his socioeconomic perspectives in interviews were enlightening. Beyond all of that, his demeanor and the way he carried himself made it easy for people to listen to and trust his words and experiences.

Last question, specifically for the Buzzbassador community: in what ways has your brand ambassador program helped to grow your business?

As a small business, it’s tough to execute an ambassador or social influencer program without several other individuals involved — a bookkeeper and backend developer specifically. Buzzbassador gives us the ability to execute our ambassador program at a high level while maintaining the necessary accounting and backend sales-tracking so that we don’t have to hire more professional talent in those areas, which saves us both time and money.

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February is Black History Month, an annual celebration of achievements by Black Americans and a time for recognizing their central role in U.S. History. Our Buzzbassador CEO, Calvin Waddy, says Black History Month is a great time to reflect on his favorite topic — entrepreneurship — and how it intertwines with the trailblazing done by generations of Americans from Black and brown communities.

“Black entrepreneurs are a crucial part of Black history and American history in general,” says Waddy. “Black Americans have been defined by a spirit of creativity and innovation since the beginning of our time in this country, because we as a community have time and time again been forced to break down barriers and find our own way out of difficult situations. Black entrepreneurs have invented some of the world’s most cherished products and most powerful companies.”

That entrepreneurial spirit is not only a part of Black history, but also a part of the American story still being written today, evidenced by the growing number of amazing Black-owned businesses that are a part of our economy. In fact, the fastest-growing population of entrepreneurs in America is Black women. Even here at Buzzbassador, we have the privilege of working with many Black founders daily as users of our app.

We want to celebrate this special month by highlighting some of those founders and their companies, while encouraging our readers and social followers to support Black-owned small businesses, both through shopping and sharing — not just this month, but always! Follow along to learn about 6 Black business owners across a range of industries, their startup stories, and what Black History Month means to them.

Stay tuned for the rest of Buzzbassador’s Black History Month campaign on our blog. Follow Buzzbassador on Instagram here and Twitter here.

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