All the tools you need to grow with micro-influencers

Say goodbye to messy forms and spreadsheets

Stay organized and save time by centralizing all your influencer activities and automating them. We have everything you need: a custom form to collect applicants, an auto-updated log to keep track of all their contacts and sales information, and even automated email communication to keep them updated!

Showing the brand ambassador onboarding flow Buzzbassador offers Shopify merchants
Showing the ways Shopify merchants can use Buzzbassador to track ambassador analytics

Track and analyze every bit of your performance

Use our real-time reporting and analytics to keep an eye on exactly how your ambassadors are performing. We log every order they bring in, every sale they refer, and every commission they earn. You can see an active ambassador leaderboard, demographic data, application form traffic, membership growth, and much more.

Send and record payments easier than ever

Use our PayPal payouts integration to mass-pay all your ambassador commissions in one click! Or, you can use any payment method of your choice externally, such as CashApp, Venmo, or even bank transfers. Then, just mark their commissions as paid to keep a centralized record of your external activity.

Showing how shopify merchants can send ambassador payments with Buzzbassador
Displaying a preview of our campaign tracking feature that is coming soon

Drive ambassador success with Campaigns*

Use our Campaigns tool to create and assign custom missions to your ambassadors. You can instruct them to create content, meet a sales goal, post on social media, place an order, and more. Once you publish the campaign, we keep it organized and track all of your performance for you in one convenient reporting dashboard.

Collect social performance data and UGC*

Have your ambassadors integrate their social media profiles directly to Buzzbassador so that you can track their social engagement, audience demographics, post performance, and more. Use our Campaigns* suite to drive the creation of UGC and easily collect it across all channels.

Graphic displaying how Buzzbassador's upcoming user generated content tracking feature works

Scale your ambassador or influencer program with no limits

We will never put limits on your growth - we truly care about your success.
Checkmark verified icon conveying approval
Approve unlimited ambassadors

Accept as many influencers as you want, and we'll give them each their own account to track their performance.

Coupon and link icons conveying coupon codes and affiliate links
Create unlimited codes & links

Auto-generate a referral (discount) code and affiliate link for each ambassador based on settings you configure.

Email icon with automation symbol to convey automated emails
Send unlimited custom emails

Use our in-app email automations to send emails you design to each of your ambassadors on certain triggers.

Medal icon to convey the concept of a reward
Set up unlimited reward tiers

Separate your ambassadors into different reward tiers based on performance, longevity, or social audience size.

Page icon with plus sign to convey creating a new page
Create unlimited recruitment pages

Build beautiful custom landing pages about your ambassador program to add to your Shopify site - great for recruiting!

Credit card icon conveying the process of paying ambassadors
Pay unlimited commissions

Streamline your ambassador commissions (at a rate you set) across many channels. Plus, we will never charge you fees.

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