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Buzzbassador founders Brandon Johns, Calvin Waddy, and Shelby Baldwin sitting in their office

Our Startup Story

Fun fact:¬†Buzzbassador's founders (hi ūüĎč) have unique expertise in marketing with brand ambassadors for a Shopify store... because we did in it ourselves. In 2018, we began building our first business together - an online women's clothing boutique - using Shopify. We were e-commerce newbies, but we believed in our brand and and we were excited to start building and growing.

After our first month of our store being live didn't go as well as we'd hoped, we decided to try a different marketing strategy: brand ambassadors. We poured countless hours, days and weeks into research, case studies, A/B testing, and more until we felt that we finally had cracked the code for success with brand ambassador marketing. We started with our first batch of micro-influencers, and in less than 4 weeks our monthly sales had grown from $3K to $50K - a 1566% increase in sales from our initial marketing tactics!

Long story short, we soon grew to have over 9,000 ambassadors in 30+ countries worldwide, generating half a million in sales in a few short months. We had gotten it down to a science: we knew exactly how to make ambassadors profitable. And that experience is exactly what inspired us to start Buzzbassador. We had found so many problems with the other ambassador solutions on the market that we wanted to just make our own, based on the needs we ourselves had experienced.

In January 2020, Buzzbassador was launched to the Shopify App Store. We had come full circle - from Shopify merchants to Shopify partners and Shopify app developers. Today, we're proud to have been chosen by thousands of the world's coolest Shopify brands to help grow their ambassador marketing efforts. We never gave up on our Shopify success story, and now we are here to help you achieve yours.


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Our team may be small but our love for what we do is mighty

Headshot of Buzzbassador CEO, Calvin Waddy
Calvin Waddy
CEO, Co-Founder
Headshot of Buzzbassador COO, Shelby Baldwin
Shelby Baldwin
COO, Co-Founder
Headshot of Buzzbassador CFO, Brandon Johns
Brandon Johns
CFO, Co-Founder
Headshot of Buzzbassador Customer Success Specialist, AK Evans
AK Evans
Customer Success Specialist
Headshot of Buzzbassador Full-Stack Engineer, Ahmed Maruf
Ahmed Maruf
Full-Stack Engineer
Headshot of Buzzbassador Back-End Engineer Hector Benitez
Hector Benitez
Back-End Engineer
Eric Zeng
Front-End Engineer
Headshot of Buzzbassador UI Designer, Barly Vallendito
Barly Vallendito
UX/UI Designer
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