Brava Fabrics: The Sustainable Apparel Brand Making an Impact One Thread at a Time

January 25, 2022
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Sarah Fromm knew her search for the perfect role had come to an end when she found an energetic, bright, mission-driven company that shared her values.

After years spent in the marketing field, building incredibly strong communication skills and expertise in SEO, advertising, writing successful blogs, and quality content marketing, she was delighted to be able to put them to use for a cause she was actually passionate about.

"I could identify with Brava's corporate values from the start. Brava is a brand that puts great emphasis on fairness transparency and sustainability."

Sarah, the Senior Marketing Executive at Brava Fabrics, has always had a passion for sustainability. This is even reflected in the people who she looks up to and is inspired by, as she shared with the Buzzbassador team during our recent chat.

"Greta Thunberg is a role model for myself and many young people all over the world. The environmental activist is only 18 years old, but with her passionate and combative fight against climate change she became famous at the age of 13 - I admire her strength and her courage," Sarah said.

Everyone knows how important it is to find a job and a company that embodies the values you care about, in everything they do -- from content creation and team to production and operations. Brava Fabrics could not have been a more perfect fit for someone so passionate about sustainability, fair conditions, and community.

Brava Fabrics is a line of sustainable fashion that is taking the industry by storm. Sarah and her team of 20 -- many of whom are pictured above, including Brava co-founders Ramón Barbero and Ivan Monells -- have made a huge impact with their unwavering commitment to sustainability and community-driven success.

"This is reflected in our products as well as in our daily life here in our Creative Hub in Barcelona, Spain," Sarah notes.

"We are a team of around 20 people, from different countries and with very flat hierarchies as well as a lot of freedom to realize our own projects and ideas. We all have the goal of making sustainability more fun through creative and original designs."

This shared goal by the entire team is very evident, as the company truly carries it through everything they do. "We source the best fibers we can find and we pay special attention to acting in harmony with people and our planet. By working closely with our factories in Spain and Portugal, we ensure safe and fair working conditions for the people who bring our ideas to life."

When asked what makes Brava different from other companies in the ever-crowded fashion industry, Sarah says that although the company does prioritize creating timeless apparel that is made to last, it goes beyond simply the look and feel of the clothing.

"We like to rethink existing fashion concepts by creating apparel with sense and humor based on three interlinked parts: a fair production process, responsible use of resources, and creative design with recognition factor."

"We do not want a single Brava product to endanger the environment or be detrimental to the people who make it."

"That is why we only use sustainable materials and are committed to fair working conditions and living wages for every single employee, whether in our Creative Hub or in our Studios in Barcelona and Porto. This combination is what makes us so unique and different compared to most brands."

As are all of the lovely brands we chat with for our Buzzbassador blog, Brava Fabrics is a huge proponent of influencer marketing, and Sarah has led the charge for the company by leveraging social media influencers and successful content creators to elevate their brand in the digital world with their target audience.

While many brands -- even industry leaders -- may underestimate the power of running marketing campaigns with content creators across social media platforms, Sarah and the Brava team definitely understand the power of using creator content to drive traffic and actively engage their audience.

Sarah says that when they first started working with social media influencers, their focus was top influencers who had a large audience of social media users. They would run sponsored posts and drive user-generated content with these content creators. However, they then wanted to try expanding this strategy to work with content creators that had a smaller follower count and a more niche audience -- also known as micro-and nano-influencers.

"We had worked with select larger influencers and that always worked very well. The communication was always personal and close, which we preferred in order to build trusting relationships with the influencers. However, we also saw potential with smaller influencers, so we wanted to expand these marketing strategies so to find influencers who have a smaller audience but are winning in a particular niche and who we could trust to be a successful content creator."

Like many brands who start embarking on this same route in their influencer campaign, the Brava Team then ran into a challenge in their business.

They learned very quickly that once you have a steady flow of social engagement with social media influencers that vary greatly in audience size, things can get complicated.

"The challenge was to find an approach that would allow us to more efficiently find and maintain new influencers within our community. Until that point, we hadn't worked with any software tool because we valued personal contact and we did not want to do anything to compromise that. But we knew that in order to scale the project, we needed to find a new approach, using software, that could help us keep track of all our content creators' activities and allow them to review their results in a self-service dashboard. We knew that would be a great incentive for them."

It was at this point that Sarah found Buzzbassador. As a Shopify Plus merchant, they began searching through the Shopify-integrated tools available to them via the Shopify App Store. Sarah says after trying out the app and reviewing its features, she felt confident that her team's struggles would be eased and that they would be able to automate the heavy lifting without losing the personal touch.

"Buzzbassador really solved our problems, as being able to still engage with our influencers in a streamlined way without losing out on that community feel and human connection was extremely important to us."

Sarah says Buzzbassador has made a huge difference in their social media influencer campaigns.

"With Buzzbassador, we have been able to expand our database of successful content creators in a short time, much faster and easier than before."

Brava Fabrics' success with nano-influencers after implementing Buzzbassador is loud and clear. For one, their influencer community has been successful at creating content -- epic content, at that (see below).

But also, the brand has been able to generate over $12,000 in solely influencer-driven sales through Buzzbassador in the short period since they joined the platform.

When asked what specifically about Buzzbassador that Sarah found most valuable, she said that it all goes back to Brava's core values - accessibility and transparency.

"The personal dashboard Buzzbassador offers provides transparency to all our influencers, and incentivizes them to continue promoting Brava through their digital content (which of course helps their own personal brand as well). Additionally, thanks to the simple application we created with Buzzbassador, we can collect all pertinent information on our influencers and their follower numbers so that we can make sure they are a good fit for our audience in a way that makes our brand ambassador program much more visible and easier to access."

"[Buzzbassador] gives our own community the opportunity to choose to work with us, rather than us having to engage the influencers we wanted to work with. In other words, now the right influencer can just come to us!"

Sarah and the powerhouse brand that Brava Fabrics is are a great example of why it's so important that no matter the industry or niche of your business, you realize that social media influencers and a solid online content strategy should go hand in hand in order to cultivate a compelling marketing strategy that engages your target audience.

Brava Fabrics is a part of a growing group of industry leaders in eCommerce that are leveraging the growing creator economy within their particular niche. These brands are realizing the truth that is driving the rise of social commerce: When you build an authentic partnership with a great content creator, create a marketing campaign out of that partnership that results in user-generated quality content, and use that content to engage with the end user(s) in your niche, that campaign is already 22.2 times more likely to lead consumers to a purchase decision.

Shop Brava Fabrics here. Follow Brava Fabrics on Instagram here.

If you are one of the many businesses who are ready to follow the lead of successful influencer marketers like Sarah and her team, remember that while learning new skills may seem overwhelming, there are plenty of tools out there that can help you get started (wink wink 😉👋).

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