Top 10 Shopify Apps To Increase Sales For Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM)

November 10, 2022
Shopify, eCommerce, & DTC

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are rapidly approaching. Is your online store ready to make sales, attract new customers, and stand out among the noise? 

We are here to help you do all your last-minute preparation. We've already covered how to leverage influencers during BFCM weekend. Now, we're talking about what Shopify apps you should be adding to your store to help you maximize your success during the busiest shopping season of the year.

Yes, this guide is specifically written about strategies for Black Friday Cyber Monday, but these apps are also great to use year-round. So, if you're a Shopify merchant and you've ever asked yourself, "what Shopify apps should I use?" we're here to give you a comprehensive rundown of your top options. 

You might be looking to optimize your website, add fresh content, or improve the customer experience from first touch to checkout. Or, you might be looking to adopt new sales and marketing strategies. Whatever the case, let us direct you to the right tools for the job! Now is the time to drive traffic and engagement, increase conversions, and build a solid base of repeat customers to return throughout the coming year.

Each of the apps in this guide was hand-picked by the Buzzbassador team. This content is not incentivized in any way (in other words, these apps are not paying us to promote them) - we genuinely believe they are great picks. Plus, each of the below apps offers either a no-commitment free trial or a completely free option! 

Now, without further ado, here are our picks for the best Shopify apps to increase sales for BFCM 2022 and beyond. We have broken our picks down into 5 categories:

  1. Craft awesome content
  2. Drive traffic to your site
  3. Convert visitors to customers
  4. Drive up your average order value
  5. Create a unique shopping experience

Top Shopify Apps For Creating & Curating Great Content

We all know content is king - so it's only fitting that the first step of your 5-star Black Friday Cyber Monday strategy is to prepare your content. You need photo and video content for your website, marketing campaigns, and communications - and here are our favorite apps to help you.


Social media is always charging ahead, but Archive allows you to automatically download your oh-so-valuable user-generated content from TikTok and Instagram. Simply connect your accounts, and Archive will detect and save all UGC you're mentioned in. Then the next time you're designing your Facebook ad, email campaign, or new website page, and you want to find a specific type of UGC to include (ex. "TikTok unboxing video"), you won't be forced to dig through your old notifications or feed in vain. Instead, you can search for it in your already organized Archive (pun intended 😉) of content! 


Many marketers and leaders at eCommerce brands feel daunted by the prospect of creating content. They wonder, "Can my pictures and videos compete if I don't have specialists and professionals creating them?" The CreatorKit app is a resource that makes DIY content creation so much more manageable, practical, and feasible for Shopify merchants. With editor functionalities powered by AI technology, you can automatically generate hundreds of pieces of content in one click based on your brand kit, product images, and descriptions. This means you can create high-quality product videos for your website, short-form clips for TikTok, Instagram reels, or ad creative more easily than ever - and it will all look expertly edited and professionally produced. 

Top Shopify Apps For Driving Traffic To Your Site

Once your website and other content are prepped and ready to share with the world, the next step is to make sure the world sees it! So, the following category of app recommendations focuses on driving eyeballs to your website. This is especially key during Black Friday Cyber Monday, the biggest consumer spending season of the year.


Email and SMS campaigns are fantastic ways to drive traffic to your website, and Klaviyo is the best tool in the business for this. The Klaviyo app stores your customer data from Shopify and allows you to create and automatically send hyper-personalized email and SMS campaigns for different segments within your customer base. When your customers receive an email from your brand, it feels like it was written just for them, making it hard for them to resist heading to your site to shop around. Also, Klaviyo's detailed reporting makes it easy to understand what makes your shoppers click, bounce, and buy - which will come in handy to optimize your site and campaigns for the max odds of success during BFCM. 


Fun fact: did you know that 82% of consumers base their purchasing decisions on recommendations from people they follow on social media? Whether we realize it or not, we develop powerful parasocial relationships with the accounts we love to follow on social media. Your customers carry these individuals around in their pockets, spend many hours viewing their content and ingesting their opinions, and frequently see a version of themselves in the lives on display. So, it's understandable that when a social media user makes a product recommendation, that endorsement lodges itself in the psyche of their followers in a way that a banner ad or branded email can't compete with. 

This is why it is essential to leverage influencers, content creators, and brand ambassadors to promote your brand on social media - not just in a busy season like this one, but year-round! The good news is, Buzzbassador makes this easy. The Buzzbassador app provides an all-in-one platform for reaching and managing social media creators worldwide. Buzzbassador integrates directly with Shopify to track the sales brought in by particular creators and reward them for their performance. With Buzzbassador, you can quickly establish and automate your affiliate, ambassador, or influencer program and assess the results in real time with sales reports, leaderboards, and more. 

Top Shopify Apps For Converting Site Visitors Into Customers

Now that you've started driving traffic to your site, you need to make sure your site is built to convert that traffic into sales. Here are two apps we love for increasing Shopify conversions.


Strong video content is among the best ways to hold consumers' attention, elaborate on your offerings, and make a compelling pitch for who you are and what your brand represents. Shoppable video is even more effective, allowing users to click a direct link to the product being talked about or depicted directly in the video. Videowise provides a streamlined method for embedding shoppable videos into your site in an addictive TikTok-like swipe format. This facilitates a visually engaging and completely interactive experience that drives conversions at a higher rate.


Even if shoppers love your website, content, and products, they'll usually still need a second opinion before purchasing. That's where reviews come in. Okendo helps Shopify merchants collect reviews automatically through its post-purchase emails, content capture forms, and rewards engine. The app ultimately gives customers that all-important second opinion they want to read before handing over their money. You can also use Okendo to display customers' reviews side by side with the user-generated content (UGC) they created in relation to the purchase they are reviewing, which builds even more trust with your customers. And guess what: more trust = more conversions.

Top Shopify Apps For Increasing AOV

Another huge component of eCommerce success, especially during the holidays, is maximizing your average order value - or "AOV" for short. But don't panic - we've got the apps to help you drive that AOV up and get more revenue from each customer.


ReConvert is an advanced cross-selling and upselling app that can help you boost your revenue on a per-customer basis. This app lets you build fully trackable funnels in just one click, like adding upsell and cross-sell bundles to your checkout, for example. ReConvert essentially helps you convince your customers to buy more items than they originally may have planned, which of course, will drive your AOV up. 


Gift cards are another fantastic method for raising AOV - in fact, gift cards grow AOV by $75 on average. So why are so many Shopify merchants not utilizing gift cards? With the app Govalo, you can create personalized and feature-rich gift cards for your customers to purchase. Govalo enables shoppers to send fully customizable cards directly to their friends and family in any language or timezone and even schedule them to arrive on a specific day. If you have a subscription product, customers can even gift your subscription to their friends and family with Govalo, allowing you to generate recurring revenue that lasts beyond the holidays! 

Top Shopify Apps To Create A Unique Shopping Experience 

With everything else in order, you may be looking for that final touch to make your store stand out. Shoppers spend billions of dollars during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and there's a lot of competition. So, how can you make noise amongst the crowd and create unique and memorable customer experiences? 


The arrival of Web3 has begun to influence and alter our traditional online activities and transactions. As people familiarize themselves with Web3 and NFTs, incorporating an NFT element into your site is a unique way to set your Shopify store apart. If you're new to the Web3 world, don't worry – the Novel app makes it super easy to jump in. With Novel, you can partner with popular NFT collections to allow exclusive access to a particular product, collection, or deal on your site to any customers who own an NFT from that collection. This is called Tokengating, and it's an approachable entry step to get in on the NFT hype without needing to dive deep into the technical weeds of Web3. But, if you want to get more technical, Novel also offers an easy way to create your own NFT collection for your brand.


The biggest turn-offs for customers while shopping are long product descriptions, poor-quality images, and lackluster customer service. But fear not because you can avoid these pitfalls with an app called Lyve. LyVe provides another way for your BFCM brand messaging to stand out: a high-quality, ultra-connective user experience. Lyve makes your store feel like a social app, allowing you to embed product education or review videos from real customers, host sitewide live stream events, and video chat 1:1 with customers while they shop. 

Wrapping Up

Well, there we have it! Now that you have been briefed on our top selection of Shopify apps, the hope is that you're more excited about all the possibilities for optimizing your online store. While these 10 platforms are fantastic Shopify apps to help you increase sales during BFCM 2022, keep in mind that they're also great apps in general, and they can help you beyond the holidays into 2023 and beyond. When you implement one (or all 😎) of these apps, make sure to drop us a note and let us know! We would love to hear about some of the creative ways you've found to make the most of these tools.

Now go kill it with BFCM 2022! We're rooting for you!

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