Buzzbassador Partner Agreement

Our Rewards Structure: "Give 30 Get 30"

Under our Partner Program reward structure, Give 30 Get 30, you earn a 30% lifetime revenue share of the paid Buzzbassador subscription your referred customers choose. This means that you continue earning this 30% revenue share for every month across the customer's entire "lifetime" with Buzzbassador (or as long as they pay for a Buzzbassador subscription). Once the customer uninstalls Buzzbassador or closes their Shopify store (therefore ending their Buzzbassador subscription), your Partner Program rewards for that customer will be terminated.

For example, here is the exact amount you'd earn from just one (1) customer for one (1) month on each of our self-service Buzzbassdor subscription plans:

Launch Plan ($39/month) = You earn $11.70/month

Build Plan ($79/month) = You earn $23.70/month

Scale Plan ($229/month) = You earn $68.70/month

Enterprise 1 Plan ($499/month) = You earn $149.70/month

Enterprise 2 Plan ($999/month) = You earn $299.70/month

This means, for example, that by referring just one (1) customer to a paid Buzzbassador subscription in any given year, the minimum amount you can earn over that year is $11.70, and the maximum amount you can earn over that year is $3,596.40. If you refer more than just one customer, the earning potential is endless.

If a customer you referred upgrades at any time during their subscription, your 30% revenue share upgrades as well. So, let's say they start out on the Launch Plan and later switch to the Scale plan. Your monthly payment for that customer would increase from $11.70/month to $68.70/month.

If a customer you referred downgrades at any time during their subscription, your 30% revenue share downgrades as well. So, let's say they start out on the Scale Plan and later switch to the Build plan. Your monthly payment for that customer would decrease from $68.70/month to $23.70/month.

The Sales Cycle

The other side of the Give 30 Get 30 Program is that each customer you refer to Buzzbassador is put on an extended 30-day free trial (16 days longer than our regular out-of-the-box 14-day free trial). Once the new Buzzbassador user you refer signs up, they will immediately start this 30-day free trial. During this free trial, your referral and revenue share will be pending, seeing as a monthly payment is required to trigger your rewards.

At the end of the 30-day free trial, the Buzzbassador user will begin their first billing cycle of the pricing plan they chose. This billing cycle differs from merchant to merchant, according to Shopify's billing policies (read more about that here). As soon as their first billing cycle ends and they are charged their first payment, your 30% revenue share will be triggered.

Getting Paid

As soon as your revenue share reward has been triggered and your referred customer has successfully paid a monthly fee, your reward will be ready for payout. Partner payments will be sent out on a monthly basis in the 1st week of each month. This means that your partner rewards earnings within the current month will be calculated and paid out within the 1st week of the next month. For example, the commission for the month of August will be transferred within the 1st week of September.

In order to be paid, you must have an active PayPal account email linked to your Partner Portal. If you are unable to use PayPal for payouts, please contact us to inquire about alternate options.

Refund Cases

The customer you refer to Buzzbassador might request a refund during any given billing cycle. If a refund is granted, the revenue share for that billing cycle will not be valid.

Referral Link

After your application is approved and you register for our partner program, you'll get your referral link. This link directs visitors to Buzzbassador's registration page and includes your unique reference handle so that each new merchant you refer can be tracked, and revenue share can be attributed to you correctly.

An example referral link looks like this:

Rules & Regulations

- You cannot earn revenue share on your own subscription fees. This is considered to be fraud and we will reverse these commissions.

- Coupon and deal sites will not be accepted as Partners.

- Only first-time customers are eligible for referral attribution and revenue share. If a merchant clicks your link who has already been a user of Buzzbassador before, they will not be counted as a referral.

- Partners must not create or use any domains or websites that contain the "Buzzbassador" brand name, the brand name of our parent company "Rocketing Systems", or any direct variations thereof.

- You are not allowed to earn commissions by running any form of paid advertisement towards your referral link, or any paid advertising towards our branded keywords like "Buzzbassador". This includes, but is not limited to, Pay Per Click ads, Google ads, YouTube ads, Facebook ads, Snapchat ads, or TikTok ads.

Requirements to Join The Buzzbassador Partner Program

We carefully review each application to join our Partner Program. We typically approve partners who meet some or all of following standards:

- You have an online property with daily visitors, such as a website, blog, YouTube channel, or social media profile

- You provide Shopify-related services such as consulting, coaching, development, marketing, design, or content creation

- You are plugged in to the Shopify ecosystem in a way that leads you to have contacts with Shopify merchants (i.e. Shopify merchants, Shopify app/theme developers)

- You have contacts or clients that have a validated use case for the Buzzbassador app and its features

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